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Frequently Asked Questions

About Sheet Music Downloads and Print-Out

1.    Be sure you have the Adobe Reader application installed on your computer. This allows you to open our PDF packaged sheet music files, whether you're online or offline. If you can read this document it's already installed on your computer; otherwise, just download it now.

2.    To learn how the download process works, try our free sheet music first. This will also demonstrate our high-quality content and value for your musical purposes.

3.    After you've discovered the ease of downloading, you can search or browse the catalog for titles you prefer.

4.    Once you've found your preferred sheet music (which includes sometimes audio MIDI, Mp3 as well Mp3 music accompaniment tracks), you can become a Member to access it. Members have exclusive access to our archives!


How can I open a Zip file?

All items offered by us are contained in zip files.

We generally recommend unzipping these files via a PC with Windows, OSX or Linux operating systems. These operating systems usually include programs for opening zip files. Subsequently, you may transfer the file contents to your mobile device.

Unzipping these files on a mobile device is also possible; but in view of the diversity of equipment available, we are unable to offer any support in this respect.

Apple mobile devices from operating system version IOS 7 upwards are suitable for opening zip files. For Android devices, you will require additional software, e.g.


May I copy or distribute the downloaded music?

For your own use, the files may be printed as often as desired. Copies or multiple copies of choir and ensemble music are permitted for one ensemble only. The files/music purchased may not be hired, sold, sublicensed or otherwise re-marketed to third parties.


I do not remember my password! How do I retrieve it?

To log-in as a Member, you only need your e-mail address and password. If you forgot your password, you can easily reset it. Enter your email address here and we will send you a link to reset your password. 

What payment methods are available?

ISTEX ONLINE MEDIA LIBRARY accepts payment using all major credit/debit cards: VISA, MC, AMERICAN EXPRESS, etc.
PayPal® payments are also accepted.


Membership expiration and renewal:

How does it work? Is it automatic? After one year of membership, do you automatically renew my membership and charge me?

The renewal is not automatic, you will be free to renew or not. One week before your Membership expiration you will receive an invitation to renew: follow those instructions to renew your Membership or just ignore the invitation to let your Membership expire.

If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail to





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