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Shar Music

2465 S. Industrial
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Since 1962, Shar has offered a complete line of violins, violas, cellos and basses for students through professionals, as well as all accessories and a full line of Suzuki Method materials.

Shar Music is the recognized market leader in North America as a supplier of string family instruments, bows, sheet music, cases, strings and accessories. Advanced musicians have come to depend upon the Shar Violin Shop's unique offering of products and services. From the youngest beginner to accomplished professionals, Shar endeavors to offer the best selection and quality of bowed string family products at excellent prices.


SHAR BLOG: Resources for parents, teachers & students

Facebook Groups, Websites, Blogs & Podcasts

International Music Teachers Exchange

The primary aims of this Facebook group are to create an international network for music teachers and to facilitate an active and enriching exchange of excellent and helpful TEACHING IDEAS.
The group was created by Kerstin Wartberg as an open space, in which music teachers from all over the world can share and discuss—freely and at no cost—their ideas on teaching and performance, exchange resources, share their own compositions and videos of their students or those of great performers playing student literature, and other forms of support for the worldwide community of interested and dedicated music teachers.

Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy Online Edition

Violin performance engages the physical, the psychological, and the musical abilities of the player. Mimi Zweig's fundamental principle of violin teaching, based on natural physical motions nurtured in a non-judgmental environment, embodies all three of these elements of performance. The development of a facile and secure technique begins with physical freedom. This then gives the performer the freedom to play with musical sensitivity and confidence.

Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy Online Edition includes:

  • Online access to Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy Volumes One, One B and Two
  • Volume Four-Cello Teaching with Susan Moses
  • Volume Five-Setting Up for Success in the String Classroom with Brenda Brenner
  • Six hours of streaming video
  • Downloading of the PDF Version of Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy. The PDF Version lets you print text and images from all Volumes.
  • Powerful search capability within StringPedagogy.com giving you easy access to specific information


Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterDiscussion Forum

Discuss the Suzuki method and other topic that interest Suzuki teachers, parents and students.

Moderators: Jennifer Visick, Libby Felts (Admin)

Paula Bird, Teach Suzuki Author

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterTEACH SUZUKI

A resource for teachers and parents with a focus on the Suzuki Method.


''To teach is to learn twice."
Joseph Joubert, French moralist

Paula Bird, Teach Suzuki Podcaster

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterTeach Suzuki Podcast

Where we change the world — one child, one family, one community at a time


Sue Hunt

Sue Hunt has researched and developed hundreds of practice games and strategies. They are all based on the latest research on how the brain learns, and have been specially created to make practice more rewarding and fun.

Christine E. Goodner
Suzuki Triangle Blog: Teacher / Parent / Child

On this blog Christine E. Goodner shares her thoughts about teaching, parenting and helping students succeed.

Articles - Simon Fischer Online

Most of these articles were originally published in news & views, the journal of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA). Sometimes they were reprinted by the American String Teachers Association (ASTA).

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterJenny Macmillan
Suzuki Piano Teacher and Trainer

Jenny has a thriving Suzuki piano teaching practice in Cambridge, Great Britain. She is an ESA teacher trainer and runs her own Suzuki teacher training course.  She has published many articles on various aspects of the Suzuki approach. 

In 2010 she published a book, Successful Practising: A handbook for pupils, parents and music teachers (and is currently writing a book on teaching). 

She has recorded the complete Suzuki piano repertoire.  She has also videoed short teaching tutorials on each piece in books 1 to 4 of the repertoire.


News, advice, discussion, directories, shops and services for violinists, violin teachers and students.

Violinist.com covers the classical music industry, providing news, reviews and interviews of interest to violin performers, teachers, students, and fans.
More than 26,000 violinists have registered as members on Violinist.com, allowing them to post articles, comments and discussion board threads on the site.
Founder and editor is Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterLaurie Niles.

Yasuda Music.com
The online source for string players looking for music arrangements

In the world of Martha Yasuda, passion, quality, perseverance and hard work all go hand-in-hand. Residing in Atlanta, GA, where she is a Suzuki violin teacher and arranger, she has written close to 80 different books, including arrangements for the favorite 3 Mozart violin concerti #3, #4 and #5. 

Eva Belvelin
Eva Belvelin, CEO of Fiolosofen, is a Swedish violinist and violin teacher with studies in Sweden with Lisbeth Vecchi, in the USA with Prof. John Kendall and in Japan with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. She runs her own music school Scandinavian Strings, is a popular lecturer in Europe and produces the Belvelin Shoulder Rests, CDs, books and pedagogical teaching materials.







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